Kenya is a land of tremendous topography and remarkable culture. The East Africa’s favorite safari destination borders Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan and Ethiopia to the north and the Indian Ocean lies to its southeast. This beautiful country boasts its imaginable landscape, great national parks and game reserves rich with big game, snow-capped mountains, breathtaking lakes, immense sweeps of savannah, equatorial forests, sweltering deserts, pristine beaches, and warm natured people.

Tourists can enjoy exciting endless adventurous wildlife safaris, luxury and discovery opportunities just within the borders of a single country.

1. Nairobi

Nairobi- Top tourist destinations in Kenya
Nairobi City view from Nairobi National Park- Top tourist destinations in Kenya

With an energetic urban setting, Nairobi– the capital of Kenya – is known for its opulence of beauty, diverse cultures, monuments, landmarks, and wildlife. The city is replete with activities and serves as a perfect choice for visitors looking to enjoy a fascinating nightlife, delicious dining, and great sports options. Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen MuseumBomas of Kenya, Muthaiga Country Club, and Ngong Hills are some of the top-notch places to visit in Nairobi.

2. Kenyan Coast

Kenyan Coast- Top tourist destinations in Kenya
Beautiful sea and tropical beach – Top tourist destinations in Kenya

The coast of Kenya is an exquisite place to relax and discover the glamorous taste of the African tropics. This part of Kenya is filled to the brim with extensive coral reefs, marine life, and exotic beachesMombasaMalindi, and Lamu Island are cultural melting points and introduce Kenya’s long, striking history and shoreline activities. Along the Indian Ocean coastline, you can experience water surfing, boarding, windsurfing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and other fun water sports. Haller Park, Diani Beach, Fort Jesus, Mida Creek, Old Town, Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve, North and South Coast beaches, Mamba Village Centre and Malindi Marine National Park are the top-rated tourist attractions in the Kenyan Coast.

3. South Rift

Wildebeest Migration- mount kenya region- Top Destinations to Visit in Kenya
Wildebeest Migration- Mount Kenya region- Top Destinations to Visit in Kenya

The South Rift part of Kenya is a little piece of heaven on earth. The famous Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park are located in this region. The Mara is bursting with untouched wilderness wildlife and native birds. It hosts the annual wildebeest and zebra Amboseli offers a breathtaking view of the African grasslands and snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The park has a diverse terrain varying from swampy to ravine forests to the desert that makes a beautiful setting for bird and wildlife watchers. Both parks provide opportunities to discover the Masai people and their exceptional culture.

4. Tsavo National Parks

Tsavo National Park - Top Destinations to Visit in Kenya
Tsavo National Park – Top Destinations to Visit in Kenya

Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and one of the most extensive on the planet. The park is located beside famous attractions, Chyulu Hills National Park and nears the coast. This ultimate destination is divided into Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Tsavo National Parks posses unspoiled wilderness and some of Africa’s most diverse landscapes, from rolling volcanos to open savannah. It is an idyllic place for spectacular scenery, nature walks, and solo travelers.

5. Mount Kenya Region

Close View of Mount Kenya - 10 Best Kept Secrets in Kenya
Close View of Mount Kenya | Photo by Radu Vatcu

The central highlands, as commonly known, offer scenic sights and a range of safaris from adventure to wildlife to sport. Kenya’s high country is home to Mount Kenya (5199m), the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. Its series of snow-crowned peaks, tarns, lakes, alpine vegetation, stunning waterfalls, and glaciers offer spectacular views and premier climbing experiences. The mountain slopes are rich in flora, pristine wilderness, stunning waterfalls and preferred for hiking and camping activities. Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve and Aberdare National Park are some of the best tourist attractions in the region.

6. Lake Nakuru and the North Rift

A White Rhino and a Flock of Pelicans at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
A White Rhino and a Flock of Pelicans at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Lake Nakuru belongs to one of the elite lakes in Kenya. The prime destination provides one of the best experiences for travelers around Kenya. The lake is rich in algae which that entice immense quantities of flamingos. The striking bird life teams with indigenous wildlife to offer an amazing spectacle. The north rift is packed with unique national parks and iconic landscapes. Samburu National Reserve, Hell’s Gate National Park, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National Reserves are home to many endangered species and feature loads of memorable experiences.

Karibu Kenya!