Best Beaches in Kenya

Whether you’re in quest of thrashing surf or shallow waters, warm ocean waters or white sandy beaches, solitude, or a party, Kenya has the ideal beach for you. Kenya is a top beach destination best known for its crystal clear waters and perfect for kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Here are the top and most beautiful beaches in Kenya.

Diani Beach

Beaches in Kenya
Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani is one of the most iconic and scenic beaches on the coast of Kenya. It is one of the top destinations in Kenya. Diani Beach neighbors Ukunda town and lies 30 Km south of Mombasa. The beach stretches 10 Km long, from Galu Beach to the South to the Kongo River to the North. It is closely located to Shimba Hills National Reserve.


The shallow waters near the shore are crystal clear, allowing perfect viewing of underwater sandbars and the sandy ocean surface. It is also ideal for wading activities. The palm-fringed beach is known for its coral reef, which keeps it pristine and free of seaweed.

Diani is a coastal paradise that provides a serene haven where visitors can relax and watch the black-and-white colobus monkeys. The beach is splendid for swimming, surfing, kitesurfing, family picnics, beach, and water sports. Diani Beach is opulent in swanky hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping centers.

Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Watamu Beach, Kenya | Photo by Eden Village Beach Resort

Located in Watamu, Watamu Beach is approximately 15 Km South of Malindi and 105 km north of Mombasa. The glistening white sand beach in the Watamu Marine National Park is a hidden gem that slides mildly into shallow, crystal clear water. The top-rated African beach is best visited during the high tide.


The beach is a fantastic ground for exploring the beautiful Indian ocean, sunbathing, surfing, and watching dolphins charismatically play in the surf. Diving and snorkeling activities on Watamu Beach are alleged to be the best in East Africa.

Che Shale Beach

Che Shale Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Che Shale Beach, Kenya | Photo Source

Nestled in lush vegetation, the chic Che Shale Beach is set on a pristine and secluded 5 km stretch. This peaceful beach presents a remarkable spectacle, with small pyrite nuggets that render the delusion of sauntering on a golden carpet. Visitors can rent surfboards at a nearby Kitesurf school and embark on sailing on daring stunts. The area facing the Indian Ocean is ideal for extreme beach sports and camel riding. You can also find a new passion for diverse activities, from swimming to deep-sea fishing.

Awaiting you is a delicious lunch of shellfish, crab, and fresh fish, which you can taste in the classic, unique atmosphere: from the bright, classy restaurants, crafted from natural woods, makuti roofs, raffia mats, roots reeds, and leaves.


Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Nyali Beach, Mombasa

Nyali Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kenya, located north of Mombasa. The beach is known for its white sands, harmonious cross-shore winds, and pleasant ocean waters. The beach is surrounded by spectacular beach resorts that present deluxe accommodation.

Unlike other beaches, Nyali offers lots of private space, and it is ideal for beach activities such as sunbathing, surfing, and sunbathing.

Lamu Island Beaches

Nyali Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Lamu Island Beach

Lamu Island is packed with spectacular white sandy beaches, ideal for an incredible experience. The calm, warm waters and the beautiful Swahili culture on the island make Shela Beach and Manda Bay perfect to visit. The tranquil setting of the Lamu Island beaches offers opulent scenic views of the Indian Ocean. The lavish resorts and villas around the beaches offer premier accommodation and excellent fun.


Visitors can snorkel, windsurf, bodysurf, kite surf, water ski, and sail on the coral reefs off Manda Bay or enjoy fishing for supper from a dhow. Otherwise, you can watch a local soccer match or dolphins offshore and walk along the deserted beaches.

Shela Beach

Tourists Walking down Shela Beach, Kenya
Tourists Walking down Shela Beach, Kenya | Photo By Erik (HASH) Hersman

Shela Beach is located on the tranquil north end of Lamu Island, a UNESCO heritage site. Shela is a stunning stretch of scintillating white sand that contrasts magnificently with the tiny broken shells. It’s bounded by a living museum enthusiastic about the Swahili Culture that builds a quiet and memorable stay at its world-class beach resorts.

Shela is an excellent seaside to relax and watch local dhows slide smoothly along the ocean waves. Shela beach has a beautiful collection of Arabic beachfront villas exquisitely designed to refresh your mind and soothe your soul.


Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach, Kenya - Beaches in Kenya
Tiwi Beach, Kenya – Beaches in Kenya | Photo By Fagasam

Tiwi Beach is located 20 km south of Mombasa and a few minutes’ drive from the famous Diani Beach. Tiwi was one of the first locations to offer holiday accommodation on the African coast. It is a clean, peaceful, and quiet beach perfect for outdoor weddings, honeymoons, and private holidays.

With easy access to major attractions and sights in the area, Tiwi Beach is an ultimate addition to a safari holiday in Kenya. Visitors can enjoy fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or sailing in traditional dhows on the ocean or engage in an adventurous experience in the nearby Tsavo and Shimba Hills National Parks.

Kinondo Beach

Sailing, Kinondo Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Sailing, Kinondo Beach | Photo By Kinondo Kwetu

Kinondo Beach is located on the southern end of the Kenyan coast, just 40 km south of Mombasa. The beach boasts astonishing beauty and outstanding wind conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can enjoy a memorable horse ride or explore the ancient mosque that colorfully contrasts with the beautiful sunrise along the shoreline. You can also take a walk through the majestic baobab garden beside the beach.


The beach features a small luxury hotel tucked in the lush tropical vegetation, Kinondo Kikwetu, which is a primary reason for its popularity. The beach resort provides visitors with a peaceful and luxurious family holiday. The white sandy shores of the turquoise Indian Ocean, palm-fringed with a stupendous background, are perfect for weddings and honeymoons.

Wasini Island Beach

Wasini Island Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Wasini Island Beach – Beaches in Kenya | Photo By fabcom – Flickr

Wasini Island is a great island that lies off the southern Kenyan coast next to Shimoni. The island is next to Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park. The Wasini Beach stretches 5km long and features exposed coral reefs. The beach is a favorite excursion where visitors can snorkel, swim with dolphins, and relish a delicious seafood feast on the exotic island. If you need a break from the beach, you can visit the nearby Shimba Hills National Reserve to watch the sunset or enjoy the specular game view.

Malindi Beach

Bike Riding along the Malindi Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Bike Riding along the Malindi Beach – Beaches in Kenya | Photo By Amy the Nurse

Like other Kenyan beaches, Malindi Beach is an exquisite beach best known for a resort getaway. The beach is the ultimate place for those seeking a taste for adventure. The north part of the beach is ideal for surfing and snorkeling, water-skiing, and deep-sea fishing. The palm-fringed waters of the Indian Ocean are always dotted with kite surfers at this part of the coastline.


Visitors can explore the diver’s paradise at Malindi Marine National Park or unwind at the world-class resorts next to this stretch of golden sand. Don’t miss a bite of the seafood at The Old Man or The Driftwood Club.

Chale Beach

Chale Beach – Beaches in Kenya
Chale Beach – Beaches in Kenya

Chale Beach is located on one of the most romantic islands in Africa, Chale Island. The island lies 10 km south of Diani Beach, a 1.5-hour drive from Mombasa and barely 70 km from the Tanzania border. Away from the city hassle, Chale is a quiet, exotic, and tranquil beach considered the paradise of honeymoons, weddings, special events, large family holidays, and exclusive business meetings.

The 1.2 km long beach exhibits the stunning turquoise of the Indian Ocean and the wide tropical paradisiac island. The beautiful flora around the beach attracts baboons, monkeys, bushbabies, small antelopes, colorful butterflies, and wonderful birdlife. Visitors can explore and discover the island’s unique treasures or view the charming shoreline.


Kiwayu Beach

Kiwayu Beach – Beaches in Kenya
Kiwayu Beach – Beaches in Kenya

Kiwayu is an ultimate beach- if you’re looking to escape to a natural, simple, secluded but luxurious retreat. Kiwayu is the place to vanish and relax your soul. The stretches of the deserted beach with glittery white sands and the gentle wave sounds will awaken your senses and guide you back to the eternal rhythms of nature.

The beach presents a series of thatched bandas, which marvelously blend into the dunes and reel along with the monsoons. Sealife, including dolphins and whales, is abundant in the area. You can snorkel, windsurf, water ski in the sheltered lagoons, laser sail, take dhow trips on the Indian Ocean, fish for snapper, barracuda, and rock cod or stroll on the sandy beaches.

Funzi Beach

Funzi Island Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Funzi Island Beach – Beaches in Kenya | Photo By David Orgel

Funzi is an ideal getaway beach for people seeking a private experience of the best Kenyan beaches. The beach is located on Funzi Island, which lies on the south coast of Kenya, 65 km from Mombasa and 35 km from Diani Beach. Funzi beach will stun you with its untouched tropical beauty, pulsating wildlife, and exclusive accommodation. It’s best known for a relaxation blend with culture, wildlife, and unique scenery.


You’ll find the ultimate swimming experience on the natural sandbank just offshore from the village. The best excursions are the unforgettable crocodile safaris down the Ramisi River and the vibrant cultural tours in Funzi village.

Galu Beach

Galu Beach. Kenya - Beaches in Kenya
Galu Beach. Kenya – Beaches in Kenya | Photo By PercyGermany

Galu Beach is placidly located on the serene side of Diani Beach. It is only a 1-hour drive from Mombasa and 5 minutes’ drive from Ukunda. The pristine beach is set in verdant tropical gardens adjacent to one of the most elite and eminent beaches on the Indian coast.

The magnificent Galu Beach offers a rich Swahili culture. It is surrounded by exclusive villas, spacious beach holiday suites, elegant hotels, and restaurants, making it a remarkable and perfect place for couples and honeymooners.


Vipingo Beach

Vipingo Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Vipingo Beach – Beaches in Kenya | Photo By MagicalKenya

Vipingo is a peaceful, quiet beach located on the Kenyan north coast near Kilifi. The beach is adjacent to Swahili villages and surrounded by delightful coconut palms. The water in this part of the Indian Ocean coast is calm and crystal clear.

Vipingo Beach was made for love and relaxation. It is a glamorous paradise for weddings, honeymooners, and private escapes on the African coast. The beach is also the best place for visitors to spend some peaceful and romantic time with their lover or friends.

Kenyatta Beach

Kenyatta Public Beach - Beaches in Kenya
Kenyatta Public Beach – Beaches in Kenya

Kenyatta is a public beach located in Bamburi Area, Mombasa. The beach attracts many Kenyans and international tourists as it is always bustling with activities. Although the beach experiences some drawbacks such as overcrowding and pollution, it is good for fun activities like swimming with family and friends.


The beach is a suitable location to enjoy playing in the sun and surf with other tourists. You will notice plenty of vendors hawking sodas, ice cream treats, and other snacks. Watersports and sailing trips are popular activities on this beach.


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