Waterfalls in Kenya

Waterfalls in Kenya

Get acquainted with the hypnotizing natural phenomenon of waterfalls in Kenya, graciously provided by nature. The waterfalls are at their scenic best during rainy phases. One can find some of the country’s most breathtaking natural waterfalls in the Kenyan mountain ranges. Here are some of the incredible waterfalls that define Kenya’s landscape.

Thomson Falls

Thomson Falls, Kenya – Waterfalls in Kenya
Thomson Falls, Kenya – Waterfalls in Kenya

The scenic falls are one of the highest in Kenya, spans a height of 74 meters, at 2,360 m elevation. It lies two miles from Nyahururu town in Central Kenya. It’s on the Ewaso Nyiro River, which drains from the Aberdare Mountain Range. The falls were discovered in 1883 by a Scottish geologist and naturalist, Joseph Thomson, during his walk from Mombasa to Lake Victoria. Enjoy the spectacular spectacle from different viewing points along the rim of the gorge. The upstream from the falls is one of the highest hippo pools in Kenya.


Karuru Falls

Karuru Falls - Waterfalls in Kenya
Karuru Falls – Waterfalls in Kenya

The waterfall, which lies deep in the Aberdare National Park, is a place of many unique wonders of nature. The three-tiered waterfall provides a breath-taking sight that plunges 273 meters below the viewing point. The first leap, water drops at 116 meters, the second for 25 meters, and the last drops for 130 meters. At an elevation of 2,971 m, the falls are surrounded by tall green indigenous trees, making it one of the most unique in the country to provide an incredible safari. The first tier can be seen clearly from the top, while the rest can be viewed from above or across a wide valley.

Gura Falls

Gura Falls are located in Aberdare National Park, Central Kenya, and stand at an elevation of 2,707 m above sea level. The falls are regarded as the country’s highest waterfalls at a drop of 302 meters and are situated 1.12 km from Karuru Falls. Gura falls forms on Tana River, Kenya’s longest river, and is close to Gatheru and Kiambogo-ini hills. The beautiful Aberdare forest rich in green vegetation surrounds the falls. Similar to Karuru Falls, Gura has three vertical leaps before the water finally reaches the pool below.

Lugard Falls

Lugard Falls Tsavo East National Park - Waterfalls in Kenya
Lugard Falls, Tsavo East National Park

Named after Britain’s first proconsul of East Africa, Captain Lugard, the Lugard Falls are rapids where the Galana River vanishes into a rocky gorge so narrow at one part that is impossible to stand astride the cleft with the falls below. The falls are located in Tsavo East National Park offer a stunning landscape of white, light gray, and pink multi-colored rocks carved over centuries by the water to form incredible shapes. During the rainy seasons, the rapids turn to ravage floods, and the waterfalls’ sight and roaring sound leave tourists bewildered.


There is a parking area at the falls, and visitors can either climb around the eroded rocks or walk down the river to view the rapids. The falls plunge into a large pool below where giant crocodiles rest and lie onto sandbanks. Less than a kilometer away is a crocodile point, largely populated by crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and buffalos.

Fourteen Falls

Sunset at Fourteen Falls, Thika - Waterfalls in Kenya
Sunset at Fourteen Falls, Thika | Photo By Al and Marie

As the name suggests, the falls constitute 14 consecutive falls, 27 meters deep, and form on the Athi River. The spectacular scenery is located in Thika, approximately 65 km North-East of Nairobi off Thika-Garissa Road, turning to Makutano junction. This attraction provides activities such as boating, fishing, photography, plant identification, and bird watching, among others. These falls merge to form an immense water torrent during the rainy season with an incredible roaring sound effect.

Chania Falls (Aberdares)

Chania Falls (Aberdares) - Waterfalls in Kenya
Chania Falls in Aberdares National Park

Chania falls is a spectacular site located in the Aberdare National Park and offers the main Nairobi’s water catchment area. The magnificent fall drops 25 m down into the thick forest. Although quite inaccessible, this is an ideal spot for diving.


Adamson’s Falls

Adamson’s Falls - Waterfalls in Kenya
Adamson’s falls on the Tana River running through Meru National Park

Adamson’s falls is a rough water region on the Tana River running through Meru National Park. The falls were named after the famous game warden George Adamson and his wife, Joy, reputed for raising the famous Elsa from a cub to a full-grown lioness. The scenic falls are an essential visit during a tour of the park.

Sheldrick Falls

Sheldrick Falls Waterfalls in Kenya
Sheldrick Falls deep in the Shimba Hills National Reserve

The falls are located deep in the Shimba Hills National Reserve and have an impressive 21 meters drop of fresh spring water with a striking natural plunge pool at the bottom. A dip or shower in the cool, clean waters of this stunning waterfall is quite reviving after a trail or walk in the reserve. As you trek down to the pool, you will have a chance to spot astonishing lianas and greenery that lace it, as well as fauna and beautiful rare butterflies.

Chania Falls and Thika Falls (Thika)

Chania Falls in Thika, Kenya
Chania Falls in Thika, Kenya

Chania and Thika Rivers meet 2 km north of Thika town, where they finally tumble over a rocky, tree-lined cliff. The falls are within the proximity of the capital city of Nairobi, just off the Nairobi-Murang’a highway. The cascading falls will provide a pleasant and relaxing view during a visit to the Blue Post Hotel. Chania falls is a breath-taking birding site, picnic, camping, and retreat site.


Tigoni Falls

Tigoni Falls - Waterfalls in Kenya
Tigoni Falls – Waterfalls in Kenya

Tigoni falls are located approximately 48 km northwest of Nairobi in Limuru, Central Kenya. The remarkable panorama lies within green foliage and the extensive serene Kiambethu Tea Farm. The 18-meter high waterfall is hidden in a beautiful small riverine forest and offers a spectacular getaway opportunity from the city’s hectic life. Tigoni is also an amazing place for a day picnic with family and friends.


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    May 9, 2021 at 3:31 pm

    Thank you for sharing such a great list of Kenya’s Water Falls. It is unfortunate that before you wrote this list very little was written on Kenya waterfalls and as such one does not get enough information about these magnificent physical features. However, your article changes all that. Thank you much and do keep up the good job as well as keeping on promoting Kenyan heritage.

    • Spike
      May 10, 2021 at 7:30 pm

      Thank you Francis for your honest and positive feedback. Make sure to visit some of the waterfalls in Kenya to experience the magic and enjoy the spectacular views.

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