Falconry of Kenya is a beautiful private zoo featuring a large collection of birds of prey and other animals. It is located in Malindi off the Lamu Road near the Moriema cottage. At the falconry, you can see falcons and eagles at close range and watch them perform thrilling flight shows. Most of these birds have been rescued injured and rehabilitated and some cannot return to the wild.

The falconry of Kenya presents several exciting options for the entire family. You can choose to simply walk around the falconry, exploring the various enclosures and their creatures.

Animals at Falconry of Kenya

You’ll see eagles, falcons, owls, goshawks, peckers and you can opt to carry some of them on your gloved hand with the help of a guide for an adventurous experience. In addition to birds, the site has crocodiles, tortoises, monkeys, monitor lizards and a snake enclosure which parades green mambas, pythons, and cobras.

Falconry of Kenya, Malindi
A Falcon at the Falconry of Kenya, Malindi | Photo by Neem House

Get to see a 200-year-old large tortoise, one of the most fascinating animals in the falconry, and feed the tortoises with bananas.

A 200-year-old Large Tortoise at the Falconry of Kenya
A 200-year-old Large Tortoise at the Falconry of Kenya