Bomas of Kenya is a must-visit destination for all visitors. It offers “Kenya in a miniature!” The facility is located approximately 10 km from Nairobi CBD, 1 km past the main entrance of Nairobi National Park and neighbors to Galleria Shopping Mall. This fantastic place lets you experience the delightful diversity of cultures that make this enthralling country, Kenya.

Bomas of Kenya was started in 1971 after independence (1963) with an aim to promote Kenya’s rich cultural heritage. It is run by the Kenyan government.

Bomas originates from Swahili word “Boma” for an enclosed homestead. Each boma (the homestead) in this cultural village was built using traditional specifications of myriad Kenyan tribes; through architecture, living styles, crafts, music and dance this village serves to preserve Kenyan culture. Each boma represents one of Kenya’s major ethnic groups.

Bomas of Kenya is home to one of the largest auditorium in Africa. There is a splendid arena where acrobatic shows are performed. It’s the ideal place to bring energetic children as they can freely run in and out of the traditional houses and mud huts, climb up ladders and generally have a wonderful active time in the modern children’s playground.

Cultural Dances

Monday to Friday – 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Weekends and Public Holidays – 3:30 PM to 5:15 PM

Traditional Dances

Daily – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Kenyan Citizens

Adults – Kes. 300
Children – Kes. 50
University/College Students – Kes. 100
School Parties (Nursery to High School) – Kes. 50

Residents/E. Africa Community

Adult – Kes. 300
Children – Kes. 200
Students – Kes. 200


Adults – Kes. 1000
Children – Kes. 500
University/College Students – Kes. 500