On 3rd March 2019, we shall be observing World Wildlife Day at the Malindi Marine National Park. This year’s theme is Life Below Water; for People and Planet – an awareness campaign highlighting the loss of animal and plant species, and the need for action.

As the custodian of wildlife in Kenya, we acknowledge the incredible marine life at our Marine Parks as a key natural resource for the benefit of key stakeholders, including local communities and the tourism industry. We also acknowledge that the marine ecosystem is under threat from over-exploitation including pollution and other human activities.

One of our surest way of enhancing public awareness on the plight of the life under water (marine and other aquatic areas) is through involvement, education and public awareness on the impact of their actions to the marine species.

Thus, our goal this World Wildlife Day and year is to enhance goodwill from hoteliers, fishermen, boat operators and the general public towards conservation of our marine ecosystem through a pre-event beach clean up on the 2nd of March at the Malindi and Mombasa Marine Parks (Pirates and Bamburi beaches).