Forests in Kenya

​Forests in Kenya

Forests in Kenya forests are one of the earth’s most biologically and culturally rich landscapes. The call of colorful birds in the canopy and below in the green shadows harbor high concentrations of endemic species. The forests range from thick lowland rainforest in western Kenya through to montane forests in the central and western highlands and on higher hills and mountains to the coastal and riverine forests.

Forests in Kenya support a diverse range of tree and plant species and offer an adventurer a myriad of options: prolific game and bird watching, outdoor recreation, campsites and miles of trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and ATVing. From the country’s largest waterfall in Aberdare Forest to the stunning Kakagema Forest, the landscape is unparalleled.

Cherangani Forest

Cherangani Forest - Forests in Kenya

Cherangani Hills Forest is located in Western Kenya on the scenic landscapes of Cherangani Hills – on the western ridge of the East African Rift… continue reading.